The Friends of Liturgical Music raises funds to support the performance of liturgical music by professional musicians in churches, concert halls, and other venues suitable for showing how this music is meant to be heard in its original context.

Its primary purpose is to raise funds to ensure the excellent performance of the sacred music that is an integral part of the 11:15 Sunday liturgy at Corpus Christi Church in New York City.

FLM is made up of parishioners and friends of Corpus Christi Church. We value the liturgy and the liturgical music at the parish. The members of the Choir of Corpus Christi, who make such beautiful music each Sunday and holy days throughout the year, including the summer, are skilled professionals who deserve suitable pay comparable to that of other church choirs in New York. Although parish funds do pay for the Director of Music and the upkeep of the organ, financial support of the choir does not come from the parish. Choir expenses are entirely paid for by donations made to FLM.

Fine music is not cheap. But FLM believes that the worship of God calls for nothing less. Join us in this worthy cause and make your donation today.


with music by Lassus, Monteverdi, Palestrina, Viadana, Victoria, and others

Corpus Christi Church
529 West 121th Street
New York, NY 10027


How to get to Corpus Christi:

Subway: 1 train to 116th Street/Columbia University

M4, M60, and M104 to Broadway and 120th Street
M5 to Riverside Drive and 120th Street, walk two blocks east to Broadway and one block north to 121st Street

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Friends of Liturgical Music, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) public charity.